Fiber Optic Receivers

Fiber Optic Receivers

An optical receiver, sometimes called a fiber optic receiver, is a component in a fibre-optic network. 

The role of the receiver is to translate pulses of light that are sent through fiber optic cable into electrical signals. Once the information is converted into electricity, the information can be read by an electronic device, such as a computer, that is attached to the network. 

So, the optical transmitter and receiver, matched with fiber optic node, plays an important role in this process.

Why Choose TUOLIMA Fiber Optic Receiver

1.Competitive price: 

We are a manufacturer of fiber optic amplifier with self-owned research department and cheaper raw material resource with stable domestic and foreign orders.

2.Quality guarantee:

TUOLIMA has been manufacturing fiber optic transmission equipment for over 10 years exporting to most European, South America and Asia countries with CE certificate. Reliable quality has won Tuolima brand distributors in these countries. We guarantee 3-year warranty of brand new JDSU series products and free product exchange or repair if any quality problem.

3.Efficient after-sales service:

TUOLIMA has a professional group of engineers and sales in charge of your complete purchase experience. If any quality problem after receiving, we will response at once and give you a satisfied solution such as device configuration or remote control. Perfect and responsible service makes Tuolima your most trusted partner.

FAQS of Fiber Optic Receiver

How long is the production time?

Delivery date is about 3-15workdays which depends on the order quantity.

Do you offer OEM?

We accept both OEM and ODM. Customer logo or TUOLIMA brand are available.

Do you have MOQ?

Normally is 1pcs/item and it could be coordinated if you have detailed requirements.

What is fiber optic receiver?

Fiber Optic ReceiversIn the optical fiber communication system, the task of the optical receiver is to recover the information carried by the optical carrier after the optical fiber transmission with minimum additional noise and distortion. Therefore, the output characteristics of the optical receiver comprehensively reflect the entire optical fiber communication and system performance.

After the optical signal transmitted by the optical transmitter is transmitted, not only the amplitude is attenuated, but also the pulse waveform is broadened. The function of the optical receiver is to detect the transmitted weak optical signal, and amplify, shape and regenerate the original transmission signal.

​What is the advantage of TUOLIMA optical receiver?

Tuolima Fiber Optic ReceiverTuolima series optical receiver is specially designed for FTTH application and the CATV network.

Let me introduce several advantages of our optical receiver:
1. Our series of optical receivers have a unique design, the blue and white shell stands out among many black and white products;

2. We provide the service of printing your company's LOGO on the shell;

3. The optical receivers have CE certificate certification, the quality is guaranteed;

4. This series of optical receivers are available in styles with different functions to meet your diverse requirements.

What is the function of optical receiver?

Tuolima Fiber Optic ReceiverSince the optical signal transmitted from the cable television fiber is generally very weak, the basic functions for the optical receivers are:

1) It has high enough responsibility in the working wavelength band of the system, that is, it can output the largest possible photocurrent for a certain incident optical power.

2) With fast enough response speed, it can be applied to broadband or high-speed systems.

3) The additional noise introduced by the detector is as low as possible to reduce the influence of the device itself on the signal.

4) It has a good linear relationship to ensure no distortion during signal conversion.

5) With small geometric size, high reliability and long working life, etc.

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