Fiber Optic Tool Kits

Fiber Optic Tool Kits

A fiber optic tool kit contains go-to equipment. A must for any professional technician. 

With the correct product selection in portable cases, the technician can do the job correctly, easily and keep the network running efficiently. Having the right test equipment in your kit saves time and money. The fiber optic tool kit also ensures that the fiber network installation has minimal reflectance for faster speeds. 

As one of the best fiber optic tool kit suppliers in the world, we offer standard ready-to-go kits or we can custom build a tool kit to your specifications. Whether you are conducting a fiber optic test, installing fiber optic connectors or performing a fiber optic fusion splice, these fiber cable termination tool kits will make it easier for the technician to do their job the right way. Rugged portable cases help keep those fiber optic tools and equipment in order and easy to bring to the work area. The fiber tool kit price is inexpensive for customers to afford. You can be certainly relieved to the quality of our fiber optic cable lc termination kit or tool set fiber optic products. If you are looking for reliable fiber optic tool kit suppliers, TUOLIMA is your perfect choice. Besides, if you have any question about the fiber optic cable tool kit after receiving, you can make contact with us.

Fiber Optic Tool Kit For Sale

Why Choose TUOLIMA Fiber Optic Tool Kits

1. Competitive price:

As one of the most professional fiber optic tool kit suppliers in China, TUOLIMA provides fiber optic tool kit at a cheaper price with stable domestic and foreign orders.

2. Quality guarantee:

TUOLIMA Fiber Optic Tool Kits has good performance with CE certificate exporting at least 50pcs to for example, European countries each month.

3. Efficient after-sales service:

TUOLIMA, as one of the most professional and experienced fiber optic tool kit suppliers in China, has a professional group of engineers and sales in charge of your complete purchase experience and a considerate system of warranty which confirms your good customer experience.

FAQS of Fiber Optic Tool Kits

What models of Fiber Optic Cleaver do you have?

TLM-01B Fiber Optic Cleaver is our best sell model

How long is the production time?

Delivery date is about 3-5workdays which depends on the order quantity.

Do you offer OEM?

We accept both OEM and ODM on the device’s screen. Customer logo or TUOLIMA brand are available.

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