Transmission FTTH Equipments & PON

Transmission FTTH Equipments & PON

TUOLIMA is a pioneer of innovative fiber transmission equipment over fiber solutions for CATV communications since 2003 of designing and configuring systems tailored to specific customer requirements. 

TUOLIMA's latest innovations are incorporated into the OHPA and TLM series of SNMP managed Transmitters, Receivers, EDFA Optical Amplifiers, RF and Optical Switches, Optical Platform and Ethernet products that offer high-performance optical transmission equipment from 1 MHz to 60 GHz. Digital fiber optic transmission equipment plays an important role in transmitting the fiber optical. As a reliable manufacturer of producing passive optical line transmission equipment, we promise to make the best fiber optic products and services for you.

Advantages Of Transmission FTTH Equipments & PON

  • Optical fiber data processing: optical fiber equipment is an important front-end data processor

  • Optical fiber signal processing: Optical fiber equipment can be divided into optical fiber signal amplifiers, transmitters and transmitters and receivers according to user needs.

  • Integrated optical fiber network all-in-one machine

  • Ultra-high data security Fundamentals Of FTTH

Fundamentals Of Transmission FTTH Equipments & PON

  • Data processing needs are divided into signal amplification(EDFA), signal receiving(optical receiver), signal sending(OLT), signal transmission(transmitter), etc. in terms of function.

  • The corresponding specifications of the fiber optic equipment, such as output power, connector type, whether with network management

  • OEM service

  • The internal components of the equipment, such as the selection of lasers.

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