Our History

Hangzhou Tuolima TV Network Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in Hangzhou.

During this period, we mainly exported CATV equipments and accessories.

Changed its name to Hangzhou Tuolima Network Technologies, Co., Ltd.

With the rise of the Internet, the founder Hao seized market opportunities and began to carry out corporate transformation, gradually transforming from the CATV industry to the Telecommunications industry.

The export volume exceeded 10 million US dollars for the first time.

As a fiber optic products supplier, TUOLIMA became the 48th company in the electromechanical industry in China, and Hao accepted an exclusive interview with China Daily for the first time as an outstanding entrepreneur.

Mr. Zheng Hao, the founder of the company, was selected as one of the 60 people who moved China and made an exclusive interview with China Daily.

The first factory-"HT network" (abbreviated), mainly for CATV equipment and CATV accessories.
Now we mainly produce optical equipment, such as fiber optical transmitters, optical amplifiers, optical receivers, etc.

The second factory-"ZY" (abbreviated), mainly for PLC splitters, optical patch cord, fast connectors and etc.

The company's main products have officially changed from CATV to FTTH.

The third factory-"GF" (abbreviated), mainly for FTTH passive products such as splice closures, fiber distribution boxes, faceplates, etc.

For the first time, TUOLIMA successfully cooperated with a national-level operator - Singapore Telecom.

TUOLIMA became the CATV equipment supplier of the largest operator in Eastern Europe.
TUOLIMA provided CATV equipments, passive products and cable for them.

The fourth factory— “ZJGF” (abbreviated) and the fifth factory— “HZGF” (abbreviated) were established.

ZJGF is mainly to produce optical cables, such as drop cable, outdoor cable.

HZGF is mainly to produce cable accessories, such as cable clamps, hardware, etc.

Established Cixi Zhongguang Communication Technology Co., Ltd.
The "Internet + foreign trade" model and the brand export model were officially launched.

TUOLIMA is going to have exclusive brand agents in more than 30 countries around the world.

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