Brand Story


TUOLIMA was established in Hangzhou in 2003. TUOLIMA is derived from the pronunciation of the founder Hao's Russian name "Толя". The LOGO is designed by a well-known French designer. The horse represents power, speed, and passion.

As a professional fiber optic cable supplier, TUOLIMA wants to have strength and progress together with our business partners; TUOLIMA wants to have the speed to walking at the forefront of the telecommunications industry, to be a pioneer in the market; TUOLIMA is full of infinite passion to meet every opportunity and challenge.

Corporate Value

TUOLIMA not only wants to focus on our own development, but also we want to grow together with our partners. There are a wide variety of products in the telecommunications industry. While TUOLIMA produces our main fiber optic products, we are also optimizing our supply chain system, striving to allow our customers to fully enjoy one-stop service.

In recent years, we have proactively sought out reputable suppliers for cooperation, selected excellent manufacturers to invest in shares, and guided standardized and streamlined production with our own advantages.

Social Value

TUOLIMA wants to be more than a company engaged in production and sales, we want to become a responsible global enterprise. 

While we continue to optimize the production line, the supply chain and serve our customers, we will devote more energy to public welfare activities, giving back to society. TUOLIMA wants to exert the influence and appeal of the company in society.

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