Fusion Splicer

Fusion Splicer

Fusion Splicer is a special design for the installation, operation and maintenance of optical fiber specially design as a precision, durable, convenient optical fiber construction instrument. 

Our fusion splicer kit is designed for use in the field and laboratory environment, with detailed instructions. As one of the professional fiber optic cable supplier, TUOLIMA specializes in selling all kinds of fiber optic cable tools, high quality and low price with stock.

Now we have various fiber optic cable tools kit and optical fiber fusion splicer for sale, such as ftth splicing machine, swift splicing machine, mini splicing machine, ribbon fiber fusion splicer and so on. Detailed information about the types of fiber splicing,  you can look up the corresponding website. The quality of our optical fusion splicer machine and fusion fiber splicing equipment deserve your trust. If you have any questions about splicing in fibre optics,  please contact with us.

Why Choose TUOLIMA Fusion Splicer

1. Competitive price:

Cheaper price with stable domestic and foreign orders.

2. Quality guarantee:

TUOLIMA fusion splicer has good performance with CE certificate exporting at least 50pcs to for example, European countries each month.

3. Efficient after-sales service:

TUOLIMA has a professional group of engineers and sales in charge of your complete purchase experience and a considerate system of warranty which confirms your good customer experience.

FAQS of Fusion Splicer

What models of fusion splicer do you have?

Best seller is FSM-02B fusion splicer with red appearance and good price selling a lot to America and European countries. Also we have other FSM series as you could check the listed product catalogue.

How long is the production time?

Delivery date is about 3-5workdays which depends on the order quantity.

Do you offer OEM?

We accept both OEM and ODM on the device’s screen. Customer logo or TUOLIMA brand are available.

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