Enterprise Networks

TUOLIMA Factory uses professional equipment and mechanized transportation devices to improve labor productivity and shorten production cycles by adopting fiber optic network solutions. 

Such assembly line production can not only ensure the stability of fiber optic products quality but also reduce production costs, which means that our police will have a greater competitive advantage. At the same time, we adopt information-based management methods so that we can maximize the use of each production line and achieve "24-hour non-stop work". This is the first hurdle of our quality assurance.

And our second quality assurance is that we hire professional quality testers. At the end of each production process, our quality assessment staff will control each batch of goods by sampling evaluation or physical or chemical evaluation, and record real-time feedback in the computer, so that each item Production has production records, so that "tracking every process" is achieved. As a reliable fiber optic products supplier, we will try our best to ensure the product quality.

The last quality control is the evaluation from a third party. We will conduct random inspections of the goods after loading, and some goods will be transported to the headquarters for re-testing to ensure that they meet customer requirements.

Enterprise Networks

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