Optical Transport

In terms of optical transport network, what is optical transport network? Actually, it is a telecommunication protocol which offers different services onto optical light path.

First of all, we have strict requirements for our own packaging. We have detailed regulations and requirements from a single product to the boxing and loading of the entire different types of optical fibre. We try to avoid the damage that brings to the goods transportation due to packaging errors.



At the same time, as an OEM factory, we are deeply aware of the influence of the brand. Therefore, we also focus on our own company brand. From product design to product packaging, we have spent a lot of money and hired internationally renowned designers to participate in brand packaging design. To start the brand, "we are far more than OEM". This is also opening up another path for foreign unbranded entrepreneurs. You can choose to join our brand. We will provide you with a series of products. Not only that, from product to packaging promotion to after-sales service, we will provide you with a set of products, "allow you to only concentrate on making money".

As a high-level factory and a professional fiber optic cable supplier, we are of course committed to cooperating with the strongest international logistics. As an export company, we need to rely on strong customs clearance and transportation capabilities, and these two requirements are also extremely important for customers' imports.

Of course, TUOLIMA have small and medium logistics companies in order to provide customers with more economical choices.

So far, we hope to cooperate with you further.

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