Fiber Cable Management (ODN)

Fiber Cable Management (ODN)

Fiber cable management deals with the terminal part of a communication line such as outdoor cable or drop cable within distribution box, splice closure, ODF or terminal box. 

TUOLIMA is a leading manufacturer of all kinds of cable management products producing various models which are popular and suitable for all countries and we are aimed to bring qualified fiber termination management and other fiber optic products into your FTTX network.

Advantages Of Fiber Cable Management (ODN)

  • Integrate or disperse the overall optical fiber network according to user needs and operation plans;

  • Reasonably plan network facilities and installation according to the user's distribution and geographic location;

  • According to the user's increase or decrease, the output of fiber optic cable can be adjusted by itself.

Fundamentals Of Fiber Cable Management

  • The protection level of optical fiber connection;

  • Installation method;

  • Count the number of optical fibers required to match products with appropriate capacity; 4. Demand for fiber optic cable entry and exit; 5. Determine the material and strength of the product according to the use environment.

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