As a fiber optic products supplier in the world, TUOLIMA has been operating in the optical communication industry since 2009, mainly fabricating and selling various fiber optic cable and cable fittings, fiber optic splice closures,  distribution boxes with all accessories, FTTH transmission equipment. Our goal is to provide domestic and foreign customers with innovative telecommunications equipment and FTTH solutions that meet international standards  so as to become one of the most famous and best fiber optic accessories suppliers in the world. As a senior manufacturing company of fiber optic accessories in the industry, TUOLIMA focuses on brand customization, multi-selective product logo printing, high-end and independent packaging design, to provide customers with a one-stop service that is quite trusted by professionals worldwide. Among most of optical fibre manufacturing companies on the earth, there are different types of optical fibre products. If you want to know what are the types of optical fibre and fiber optic how it works, you can browse the Products website or contact us.

Fiber Optic Cable & Fiber Optic Clamps
Fiber Optic Cable & Fiber Optic Clamps

A fiber optic clamp is a necessary accessory when the communication fiber optic cable is installed overhead. According to factors such as the diameter of the cable and the use environment, Tuolima has designed different types of clamps, such as outdoor tension cable clamp, drop cable clamp, dead-end guy grips, cable fittings, etc., with a wide variety of choices.

Fiber Cable Management (ODN)
Fiber Cable Management (ODN)

Cable management usually deals with the connection part of the communication line. It covers a wide range of products and is mostly used in indoor and outdoor environments as well as extreme outdoor environments. Products include fiber optic distribution box, splice closure terminal box, patch panel, cross-connect cabinet, and distribution frame.

Fiber Optic Assemblies
Fiber Optic Assemblies

Fiber optic assemblies can be roughly divided into splitters, jumpers, pigtails, fast connectors, adapters, and attenuators. Such products are generally used in data centers and processing optical fibers in fiber distribution boxes, which have high requirements on factory equipment and production lines. TUOLIMA provides the most complete types of products that meet international standards.

Transmission FTTH Equipments & PON
Transmission FTTH Equipments & PON

Since 2003, TUOLIMA has been the industry's leading supplier of FTTH transmission equipment. Based on communication fiber optic solutions, TUOLIMA configures the system according to customer-specific requirements and products include 1550/1310nm fiber optic transmitter, EDFA amplifier, fiber optic receiver, and so on.

FTTH Testing Equipment
FTTH Testing Equipment

To help customers provide optical solutions, TUOLIMA offers various tools and kits. Fiber optic testing equipment and tools are used for optical installation and maintenance, including fusion splicing tools, testing tools such as power meter and OTDR, cleaning tools such as cleaning pen.

WHY CHOOSE US TUOLIMA helps you build fiber-optic networks. TUOLIMA helps you build fiber-optic networks.


Established in 2003, TUOLIMA is a famous fiber optic products supplier now that has more than 18 years of experience in the telecommunication field. Starting from CATV equipment, our production line has been expanded to FTTH passive products, optical cables, PON equipment, etc.


The diversified product line and the complete supply chain system make TUOLIMA has the ability to provide a one-stop procurement service.


TUOLIMA can not only provide customized products but also has rich experience in ODM.

TUOLIMA helps you build fiber-optic networks.


TUOLIMA focused on telecommunication production for over 18 years.


Our factories cover an area of about 15,000 square meters.


There are over 585 employees in TUOLIMA. Among them, there are about 35 sales; 30 QC staffs and about 80 people in R&D dept.


TUOLIMA owns above 20 production lines.

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