TK Dead-end Guy Grips

TK Dead-end Guy Grips

The specific model name of this product is determined by the specifications, such as AT020133, "A" refers to ADSS optical cable, "T" refers to the type, "020" refers to the span, "133" refers to the cable diameter mm. Dead end guy grip or preformed guy grip is widely used for the installation of bare conductors or overhead insulated conductors for transmission and distribution lines, the reliability and economic performance of the preformed guy grip is better than the bolt type and hydraulic type tension clamp that widely used in the current circuit.

TLM-P Dead-end Guy Grips
TLM-P Dead-end Guy Grips
TLM-P Dead-end Guy Grips
TLM-P Dead-end Guy Grips

Details of TK Dead-end Guy Grip

  • Preformed Dead End Clamp is made of hot galvanizing or high quality aluminum clad steel and galvanized steel which improves the mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of wire clips.Besides, It has the characteristics of high conductivity and strong tensile strength.

  • Its fixes the insulators to the overhead power transmission line or substation.

  • This kind of fiber optic cable fittings can be equipped with strain clamp, U bolt, plates and a various of fittings, etc. to meet with different installation needs.

  • The fiber optic clamps are easy to install and do not require any professional tools.

  • It has good installation quality and it is convenient for inspection.

  • It can be customized according to customer requirements and provide customers with drawings.

The Production of TK Dead-end Guy Grips

Specification of TK Dead-end Guy Grips



Outer Material

Thickness of outer sheath


Cable model



Galvanized or Aluminum

Customized or design by drawing

<150M, Single layer

>200M, Double layer





The Drawing of TK Dead-end Guy Grips


Packing of TK Dead-end Guy Grip


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