Optical OEM Solution

1. Hangzhou Tuolima Network Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003 and has served more than 11 well-known domestic and foreign telecom companies, such as China Telecom, Telefonica, and other companies.

As a first-class OEM factory, TUOLIMA have excellent production capabilities, quality assurance capabilities, market control capabilities, and the willingness to sincerely cooperate with you.

Optical OEM Solution

2. We melt into other products produced by OEM on the basis of our own proprietary technology, so as to provide custom fiber optic solution which are suitable to meet their own needs, which not only promotes the development of the company's own technology, strengthens the influence of its own brand but also that customers get more comprehensive, timely and thoughtful service from the solution. For example, our GJS-107 product is a fiber optic splice closure box customized for company Huawei. Under the premise of ensuring quality, we have controlled the cost extremely well. After the launch of this product, Huawei quickly occupied a large market.

3. In addition, our factory has the ability to open molds, which means that you only need a paper design drawing, and we can turn it into a real thing for you. At present, we support all products with molds, cable clips, boxes, and sheet metal materials.

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