FTTH Testing Equipment

FTTH Testing Equipment

Optical fiber tools are various types of tools used in optical fiber installation and maintenance projects, including fusion splicing tools, testing tools, and cleaning tools. 

To help customers install and maintain their optical solutions, TUOLIMA provides various tools, like ftth tool, and kits. Tuolima combines its expertise, experience and innovation, using the most advanced tools and high-quality materials. With more than 10 years of experience in the optical fiber field and its global distribution, Tuolima is able to provide training to customers and custom fiber optic cables and other products to meet customer expectations. Also, our fiber tools and equipment for sale now. 

Advantages Of FTTH Testing Equipment

  • Indispensable installation accessories for optical fiber network erection;

  • Various product styles and wide selection;

  • To help customers process optical fibers quickly and efficiently. For example, fusion splicer is used for optical fiber fusion splicing, wire stripping tools are used to strip optical fiber coatings, and cleaning tools are used to clean optical fibers.

Fundamentals Of FTTH Testing Equipment

  • Engineer requirements: According to the needs, the tools can be divided into welding, cleaning, testing, etc.;

  • Installation efficiency: According to the user's requirements for installation efficiency, Tuolima can provide customers with products in various price ranges. For customers to choose.

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