Warranty Policy

The following warranty clauses are only for general conditions. The warranty clauses of special products need to be confirmed by both parties, and special requirements are treated specially. When used appropriately and maintained properly, we guarantee that the product will remain structurally and functionally sound.

Defects or damages resulting from any improper installation and using of our fiber optic products are not covered under warranty.

1). Within 1 week upon receipt of the goods, the claim should be submitted by the buyer if there is any quality or quantity problem.

2). Within warranty upon receipt of the goods, the buyer sends back the defective goods for maintenance after Tuolima approves the application.

The maintenance is free of charge but both parties need to afford the freight cost, such as the buyer affords the freight cost back to Tuolima. As one of the professional fiber optic cable supplier, Tuolima would send the maintained goods back to the buyer with 10 business days upon the application approval unless there are certain rules confirmed before the order by both parties.

The maintenance cost would be charged in line with the defective parts when the warranty period is invalid(>warranty ). Meanwhile, the round-trip freight cost would be afforded by the buyer only.

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