TLM-01B Fiber Optic Cleaver

TLM-01B Fiber Optic Cleaver

Here are the steps to use the high precision fiber optical cleaver tool:

1. The light fiber plate cover open, open plate single core optical fiber fixture, confirm the knife in front of side position.

2. The optical fiber is placed in the V slot of the single-core optical fiber fixture, and the optical fiber coating is applied to remove the scale alignment of the boundary line and the fixture according to the required cutting length. (for example, when cutting the length of 16mm, the boundary line is aligned with the 16mm of the scale), it is time to confirm that the bare fiber section is straight.

3. On the cover of the single core fiber optic clamps to clamp the optical fiber. Close the cover of the optical fiber clamp, and push the knife to cut off the optical fiber.

4. Open the cover of the optical fiber and hold the fiber while holding down the cover of the single core fiber clamp and take out the optical fiber.

TLM-01B Fiber Optic Cleaver
TLM-01B Fiber Optic Cleaver
TLM-01B Fiber Optic Cleaver

The Trouble shooting of TLM-01B Fiber Optic Cleaver

Cut off the bad of the FTTH tool may be caused by the following reasons:

  • when the fiber is placed on the cutting knife, the fiber is not straight. Please go straight to the optical fiber.

  • the position of the blade is too high, please adjust the height of the blade.

  • optical fiber control block with dust and other foreign materials, please clean the fiber control block.

  • foreign matter such as dust cleaning blade.

  • fiber dust and other foreign matter, please remove the fiber coating, carefully wipe the bare optical fiber part. Please contact the company's after-sales service department in a timely manner.

Specification of TLM-01B Fiber Optic Cleaver

We have many kinds of fiber optic cable cleaver of different specifications, for example, ofc cleaver, s09 fiber cleaver, single fiber cleaver, automatic fiber cleaver, splicing cleaver and so on.  This fiber tool kit is of good quality. And the fiber optic cutter price and fiber cleaver blade price are very affordable for our customers. If you have any problem about the fiber cutter tool after receiving our products, please call us.


Bare fiber diameter



Fiber core number

Single core


Fiber coated diameter



Coating length

Cutting length +18mm


Fiber Cleaver length

9-16mm(0.25mm) 10-16mm(0.9mm)


Cutting angle



Blade life








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