After-sale Service & Return Policy

After the goods are delivered for use, Tuolima will track the usage of the products. During this period, if the goods have quality problems, they will be verified by the corresponding sales staff and submitted to the production department to investigate the reasons, and then provide customers with free maintenance services. 

Please see below for specific warranty terms. Tuolima welcomes customers to provide us with product usage suggestions in time so that we can update and optimize fiber optic products in time, and provide customers with a better product experience is our consistent pursuit.

After receiving your after-sales request email, we will use your salesperson to understand the situation as soon as possible within 1-2 working days and closely track and supervise the after-sales process. Customers are also welcome to give feedback to our service staff. As one of the most popular and professional fiber optic cable manufacturers, Tuolima will take it seriously Your suggestions are used to enhance the overall service awareness of the team.

Common after-sales problems: product quality problems. The customer gives feedback to the salesperson, and the salesperson collects evidence and submits it to the production department and quality inspection department for joint investigation. This process generally only takes 1-2 working days. If there is a quality problem with the parts of the product, we will provide customers with new parts free of charge through the salesperson for the customer to replace. If the product is damaged as a whole, which affects the use, Tuolima will carefully review every link, except for man-made damage or transportation, Tuolima will reproduce and ship the damaged product for the customer to make up for the loss of the customer.

Customers can take the initiative to contact the docking salesperson or send us an after-sales request, after-sales contact:

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