TUOLIMA Participated in the CONVERGENCIA SHOW. With the slogan of exceeding the capacity of the previous year, as well as consolidating itself as the benchmark event for the cable television and telecommunications industries, today the Expo Convergence Show began at the World Trade Center in Mexico City, which is expected to be attended by around 3,500 visitors, including operators, licensees, programmers and officials of the institutions that regulate the sector.


Our boss Hao accepted an interview from a local TV station in Mexico, He said: "The Mexican telecommunications market has huge potential and attracts many suppliers from China. Although the competition is fierce, as a factory with 17 years of FTTH fiber optic products production experience, we are not afraid of any competitors because we have a wealth of experience and the best service. Looking forward to cooperating with Mexican telecom suppliers and distributors.

Tuolima Boss Hao Accepted The Interview

This time, we have prepared very popular styles in the South American market for this exhibition in Mexico, including Optical Joint Closure, Fiber Termination Box, Optical Fiber Distribution Box, Fiber Cable Sample (ADSS, GYTS, GYXTW, GYTC8S), PLC Splitter, Fiber Cable Clamp, Fiber Jumper, Fibra Patch Cord, Optical equipment and so on.

Application of FTTH Fiber Optic Products

As one of the professional fiber optic accessories suppliers, TUOLIMA has specially prepared an FTTH diagram for this exhibition. If you are interested in the above products, please send us an inquiry. TUOLIMA has the most efficient response, the most professional salesperson, and the most reliable products.


Exhibition: CONVERGENCE MX 2019


Date: 8-11 July

Adds: Mexico World Trade Center, Mexico City