The Role and Advantages of Aerial Drop Cables

What is aerial drop cable?

Aerial drop cables are cables that are erected on tower poles or other methods. Such cables are generally found in large cities. Aerial drop cables are made up of two or two sets of power lines, and power lines are what everyone calls cables.

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The function of aerial drop cable

Aerial drop cables transmit electricity to every place, and then dispatch it to every residential area, turning it into household electricity. Therefore, aerial drop cables are very important for everyone.

The advantage of aerial drop cable

1. The power supply system has high credibility. The selection of aerial drop cables can greatly reduce various common short-circuit faults (especially common short-circuit faults common to empty overhead bare transmission lines). Compared with empty overhead bare transmission lines, its equipment failure rate is 4-6 times lower.

2. The safety factor of the power supply system is good. The selection of aerial drop cables can greatly reduce personal safety and electric shock accidents. When the aerial drop cables are connected to the power supply, when the body or other small animals accidentally touch the surface of the cable insulation layer, if the cable is not penetrated, it will not easily cause adverse effects on humans and animals.

3. Convenient for erection and maintenance. Aerial drop cables produced by TUOLIMA can be erected on all types of tower poles or along walls. Under special circumstances, they can also be shuttled through the woods and immediately fixed on the main pole with fittings.

4. Reasonable and effective. Although the aerial drop cable should be more expensive than the overhead bare transmission line, it is cheaper than the general underground installation cable. Therefore, its comprehensive engineering cost is obviously lower, more economical, and more effective.

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