Comparison and Difference Between Fiber Optic Tail and Jumper

If you have questions about the differences between fiber pigtails and fiber patch cords, this article will help you understand their main differences. The main difference between these two cables is that the pigtail is terminated with a connector on one end and bare fiber on the other, while the jumper is terminated with both ends. Let's take a more detailed look at how these assemblies are used and how to differentiate them.


1. What is a fiber pigtail?

Fiber pigtails usually have an optical connector pre-installed at one end, and a bare fiber is used for splicing to another fiber at the other end. The drop cable pigtail can have female connectors. Fiber pigtails are usually unjacketed for splicing and then protected in a splice tray by mechanical or thermal splice protectors.

2. What is a fiber jumper?

Fiber optic patch cords, also known as patch cords, are fiber optic cables used to connect one electro-optical device to another electro-optical device. The connector of the jumper can be installed at the end with the same type or different type of connector, for example, it can have an SC connector on both ends, or one end can have an SC connector and the other end can have an LC connector. On the other end, fiber patch cords are jacketed and come in single-sided (1 fiber), duplex (2 fibers), or multiple fibers (like MPO patch cords, 12 fibers). As a professional fiber patch cord manufacturer, Tuolima has various fiber patch cord types

How to test fiber optic connectors? Using a light source, connectors and jumpers can be quickly tested for continuity, in other words, light enters and exits from the other end. If not, the break or block prevents the light from propagating, so the jumper is usually ordered unjacketed and tested with a light source, then cut into two pieces to make two.

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