Detailed Explanation of the Structure and Product Features of the Optical Fiber Distribution Box

When we decorate our new house, we often encounter the installation of various furniture, such as the structure and installation method of the optical fiber distribution box that I want to introduce to you this time.

The optical fiber distribution box is used for the interface between the optical communication machinery sub-system and the line sub-system.


Ⅰ. The product structure of the optical fiber distribution box

The fiber optic distribution box is mainly composed of a box body, an adapter transfer board and a fusion splicing module.

1. The 19-inch international standard installation interface is adopted, and the front and rear ear plates can be adjusted, which is suitable for the installation of various racks (cabinets);

2. The box body is made of all-aluminum alloy material, the surface is coated with electrostatic spray, the structure is light and the appearance is beautiful;

3. The adapter is installed with a rotary design of the main board, which can be rotated outside the box, which is very convenient for operation and maintenance;

4. The front and rear sides are equipped with specially designed embedded fiber guide cards, and the optical fibers are directly embedded without interspersing; the curved surface design of the fiber guide cards ensures safe operation;

5. Card-mounted adapter end plate, which can be flexibly exchanged and easy to use and configure; FC, SC, ST and LC adapter end plates are available, which can be selected according to different needs;

6. The welding part is a rear-mounted detachable module, which is convenient for construction and maintenance on the ground;

7. The optical fiber heat shrinkable protective sleeve holder is composed of special plastic parts, which fully protects the fused bare optical fiber.

Ⅱ. The main application of fiber optic distribution box

The structure of the optical fiber distribution box is an optical fiber distribution box with indoor and outdoor fusion splicing and separate wiring functions. It adopts ADC sliding adapter technology to improve the wiring capacity and facilitate the maintenance and management of optical cables and fiber jumpers in the box. It is mainly suitable for optical branch points with small capacity of optical cable terminals in the telecommunication network and needs to be split. It is mainly used for optical cable terminals entering residential areas or buildings.

Ⅲ. Product features of optical fiber distribution box

1. Optional indoor and outdoor metal box, the surface is sprayed;

2. Wall-mounted or pole-mounted installation, the outdoor box can be mounted on a hanging-pole; the fusion splicing and wiring are separated, and 12 cores are reserved for trunk fusion; the optical splitter installation position is reserved; ADC sliding adapters are used.

3. It can meet the installation positions of 8-bit, 6-bit and 4-bit optical splitter respectively; the installation of optical splitter does not occupy the wiring installation space.

Ⅳ. The use of optical fiber distribution box features

1. Made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, sprayed with plastic, beautiful in appearance and durable;

2. It is suitable for wiring connection between optical cable and optical communication equipment;

3. Suitable for protective connection of optical cables and wiring pigtails;

4. The main door structure is adopted, with sufficient space for wiring and optical fiber coiling, which is convenient for deployment;

5. Common to single-core fiber optic cable and ribbon fiber optic cable;

6. The welding plate can be taken out of the box for operation, and the construction and maintenance are simple and convenient;

7. Set up a reinforcing core fixing device to ensure reliable grounding and safety protection;

8. The card-mounted adapter end plate meets the deployment and installation of FC, ST, SC fiber adapters;

9. Wall-mounted installation, simple and fast use and maintenance, moderate volume, reasonable and compact structure, and overall coordination with the computer room;

10. The size, installation form and capacity of the optical fiber distribution box can be customized according to user requirements.