How To Use the Fiber Optic Terminal Box?

Fiber optic terminal box is a kind of auxiliary facilities used in the communication industry, which can receive the tail fiber and protect its joint. You may notice that optical cable is often used in outdoor network wiring, while twisted-pair is used indoor, and the two can not be directly connected. Then we need to use the fiber termination box to branch the cable and connect it to the indoor line.

In other words, the fiber optic terminal box is equivalent to a joint, playing the role of connecting cable and fiber optical pigtail. We can connect the end of the optical cable to the fiber optic patch cord in the optical terminal box, the whole optical cable is split into single optical fiber respectively to complete the splicing between the optical fibers as well as the optical fibre and the tail fiber by the exchanger. After the fiber termination box is successfully installed, not only can the fiber and tail fiber be protected and connected, but also can reduce the interference of the environment to data transmission as much as possible, so that it has a higher data transmission efficiency.

Ⅰ. How to install and use Fiber Optic Terminal Box?

1. Fiber optic terminal boxes are generally used indoors. If they are used outdoors, necessary protective measures should be taken to prevent wind and rain from shortening the service life of the terminal box.

2. The fiber optic terminal box is suitable for operating at temperatures ranging from -25℃ to 40℃, beyond which the operation condition of the fiber termination box may be affected.

3. The service life of each system and measure is generally about 20 years. To ensure the service life, the environment for storing the fiber termination box has certain requirements on temperature, humidity and air pressure. For example, it is best to keep the storage temperature between -25℃ and 55℃, the air pressure between 70 and 107 kPa, and the humidity below 85 percent.

TLM-A07 Terminal Box

Ⅱ. What should be noticed in the fiber optical terminal box?

Pay attention to the installation position of the fiber optic terminal box and select an appropriate installation method. Generally speaking, the installation position of the fiber optic terminal box should be 0.3 meters above the ground to leave enough space for installing components such as the bottom case, SS fiber optical adapter and external socket power supply.

When securing a fiber optic terminal box, you can use different tools and methods, such as expansion screws and shooting nails according to the site conditions. If the device needs to be installed on the ground, attention should be paid to the waterproof and dustproof function of the junction box, and strengthen its anti-pressure and anti-seismic ability.

This is a world of information, and everyone is living in the big data era. The fiber optic terminal box is one of the indispensable carriers in the process of information transmission and is obviously the mainstay of the information communication and data transmission industry in the current era. The  fiber optic terminal box is widely used in many fields, such as fax, local telephone and network, its existence value and practical effect are noticeable.