How to Wire Fiber Distribution Box? What Are the Connection Methods?

Regarding the wiring and connection of fiber distribution boxes, we will share some simple tips.

Choose a Weak Current Box As the Network Central Point for the Home Distribution Box

Important equipment such as modems and routers are placed in the weak current box. When choosing a weak current box, it is recommended to choose a larger size to facilitate the subsequent expansion of the smart weak current system.

When delivering houses, real estate developers have already designated the location of fiber distribution boxes, and there is generally no need to modify it. However, if the layout of the house is not very effective and the location of the fiber distribution box is relatively remote (the fiber distribution box is generally located next to the entrance door), the fiber distribution box can be moved to the center of the house, and the route of the original laid fiber cable is extended to the new location. Remember, a power plug must be installed at the fiber distribution box.

Route Layout During Indoor Decoration of the Distribution Box

From the high-quality multimedia fiber distribution box to the living room and bedroom, a network cable is laid for each, and a network cable is also laid at the center of the living room suspended ceiling. Since the living room is generally located in the center of the entire house, if the standards permit, a router or AP can be installed on the living room ceiling to ensure that the network signal is strong for each room.

Naturally, if the house is relatively neat and the position of the fiber distribution box is vertically centered, the wired router can be placed at the fiber distribution box immediately.

The Wiring Method of the Distribution Box when There Are Multiple Rooms

If it is a two-story building, the network switch and other equipment must be upgraded to ensure that each room has a network cable. When the network signal is weak and cannot cover some rooms, the relatively economical plan is to add a signal amplifier. A signal amplifier costs only a few tens of yuan and has a high cost-performance ratio.

Precautions when the Routing Layout of the Distribution Box is Insufficient

If it is a desktop computer, buy a USB wireless network card and plug it in. It is convenient and easy to use; if the TV uses the IPTV set-top box of the network technology company, it is a little inconvenient, but buying a network set-top box like Tmall box can also solve the problem; if it is a TV purchased recently, it can be connected to the wireless network immediately.

Wiring Method of the Home Fiber Distribution Box

To meet the requirements of houses for telephone, internet, video, entertainment, and other functions, the basic method of using weak wiring in home decoration is:

(1) Each room in the house should have five types of line access in the fiber distribution box so that you can access the Internet from different locations and form a home LAN through a network switch to achieve resource sharing.

(2) In residential areas where televisions must be installed, Category 5 lines must be placed separately in the fiber distribution box so that each TV can watch IPTV programs.

(3) Telephone jacks should be installed in the living room, bedroom, and study, and telephone jacks can be installed in the bathroom and kitchen. The telephone line should be placed in the information box on the telephone jack.

The box height of each socket: 1000-1300mm from the ground in the bathroom and kitchen, and 300mm from the ground in the rest.