Matters Needing Attention in the Purchase of Outdoor Optical Cable

Outdoor optical cable, in short, the optical cable used outdoors, belongs to a kind of optical cable. Because it is most suitable for outdoor use, it is called outdoor optical cable. It is durable, can withstand the wind, sun, cold and earth, has a thick outer package, and has some mechanical and environmental characteristics such as pressure resistance, corrosion resistance and tensile strength.

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1. The packaging of outdoor optical cable

The length of the supply scale of outdoor optical cable is generally 1km, 2km, 3km, 4km or custom length. When checking the outer package of outdoor optical cable, it is necessary to determine whether the outer package has obvious marks such as the number of meters, the name of the manufacturer, and the type of optical cable and whether there is an optical cable test record in the package.

2. The outer skin of the outdoor optical cable

The outer skin of the indoor optical cable is generally made of polyvinyl chloride, flame-retardant polyvinyl chloride or low-smoke and halogen-free materials. The outer skin of high-quality outdoor optical cable is flexible and easy to peel off.

3. The reinforced metal skin of the outdoor optical cable

Most outdoor optical cables are armored cables with a reinforced metal layer. This metal layer needs to have the characteristics of no increase in hydrogen loss, no rust, and high strength. Therefore, the metal layer has undergone phosphating treatment and the surface is gray.

4. The core of the outdoor optical cable

The key part of an outdoor optical cable is its core. The multimode and single mode, OS2/OM1/OM2 and other characteristics of the optical cable are all determined by the core, and the quality of the core plays a decisive role in the connection of the network, so pay special attention to the core of the optical cable when purchasing outdoor optical cables.