New Trend 16C FTTH Box: TLM-N2-16A Fiber Optic Distribution Box

Author:  Jennifer

Time: 2022/3/30

TLM-N2-16A is a 16 cores fiber optic distribution box, a kind of FTTH box. The body of this fiber optic distribution box is made of 70%PC and 30% ABS. Good material makes it have the advantage of high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance.This also determines the positioning of this ftth splitter box as a mid-to-high-end market that uses better quality products.


The biggest feature of this ftth box is the design of a new drop cable outlet. Compared with the normal style of ftth splitter box, there are one line of 16 pcs cable ports. The optical drop cable passes directly from the cable ports one by one makes it easier to install, which will save you lots of installation time and labor cost.


This ftth box can be equipped with 1*16 PLC splitter, according to your request, we could also installed the splitter inside the ftth splitter box which could save your lots of shipping cost!