Performance Advantages and Functional Applications of Optical Fiber Distribution Boxes

Ⅰ. Performance description and advantages of optical fiber distribution box

The optical fiber distribution box is a device for the termination of optical cables in the wiring room and equipment room. The optical fiber distribution box is suitable for the wiring connection of optical cables and optical communication equipment. Through the adapter in the distribution box, the optical signal is led out with the optical jumper to realize the optical wiring function. It is suitable for the protective connection of optical cables and distribution pigtails, and is also suitable for the use of optical fiber termination points in optical fiber access networks.

1. Performance description of optical fiber distribution box

There are various specifications such as drawer type and fixed type; the modular optical fiber distribution box is more convenient to terminate and more flexible to use; it supports the management of various optical fiber connectors, such as SC, LC, ST, MT-RJ, etc.; in 1U Up to 48-core LC or MT-RJ (24 dual-port LC or 24 MT-RJ) optical fiber connectors can be terminated in the space; airtight management; front operation, quick and convenient installation; height 1U, built-in two sets of optical fiber coil rings; Recessed concealed or flush mounted installation.

2. Advantages of optical fiber distribution box

Various connectors are convenient for termination and flexible for installation.

3. The scope of application of optical fiber distribution box

For the termination, use and management of fiber optic cables in wiring closets and equipment rooms.

Ⅱ. The role and functional characteristics of the optical fiber distribution box

The main function of the optical fiber distribution box is actually to centralize and manage all the weak electricity in each room. It contains different modules, such as a cable TV splitter, which can branch a cable TV line into four or five and distribute them to different rooms. It does not affect its transmission performance. The fiber optic distribution box can realize home office automation, entertainment automation, security automation, and management automation.

The panel of the optical fiber distribution box is injection-molded with engineering plastics ABS+PC, with heat dissipation mesh, and does not affect the transmission of wireless signals. The bottom box adopts a hollow design and a multi-functional back panel, which is convenient for the installation of adapters and other equipment. Beautiful appearance, generous, easy installation, fixed firmly. Wide versatility, flip grid design, compatible with ONUs of different sizes, saves the installation space of the equipment and has no shielding effect on WIFI wireless signals. Strong scalability, different modules (data module, voice module, security monitoring module, etc.) can be configured according to the specific situation of the family.

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