Product Features and Protective Performance of Optical Fiber Distribution Boxes

Optical fiber distribution boxes are generally rack-type, cabinet-type, and wall-mounted. Rack mounts are generally used for 19-inch rack equipment, and they are equipped with one or more rack unit (RU) heights, such as 1U, 2U, or 4U, depending on the number of connections required. U is Unit, which generally refers to the height of a network device.

To be precise, 1U is equal to a rack height of 44.45mm (1.75 inches), and a 2U device height is 2 x 44.45=88.88, or 3.5 inches high. The height of 3U is 3 x 44.45=133.35mm, which is 5.25 inches. The size standard is drawn up by the Electronic Industries Association (EIA). The main difference between IU/2U/4U fiber distribution boxes is the height and the number of fiber cores that can be supported.

Ⅰ. The type of optical fiber distribution box

Rack-mounted fiber optic enclosures are further divided into different equipment methods: drawer type, slide-out type, and detachable type. Drawer and side-opening styles provide easier access to equipment, but they tend to be more expensive.

Detachable housings are generally cheaper, but not as quick to operate. Among them, the drawer type optical fiber distribution box is the most used type now.

Ⅱ. What are the characteristics of the drawer fiber distribution box?

1. Split tray planning, fast operation

The drawer design is to use a split tray, and the module boxes can be pushed and pulled independently when stacking equipment. The equipment part is equipped with an independent pull stud locking device to prevent slipping. The tray has the function of sliding and confirming, it can be directly pulled out like a drawer when used, and the wiring operation can be carried out after being pulled out and confirmed, which is very fast.

2. Compact structure, high-density wiring, useful space saving

The structure is compact and can accommodate higher fiber density and port number, and then increases the wiring density and saves cabinet space.

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