Types of Fiber Optic Patch Cords: FC Patch Cords Are More Commonly Used

According to different standards, fiber patch cords can be divided into several types. According to the number of optical fibers and connector standards, fiber patch cords are mainly divided into two types, simplex and duplex patch cords. The former has one fiber and one connector, while the latter has two fibers and two connectors at both ends.

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1. Types of fiber jumpers

Based on connector structure, there are many fiber patch cord types including FC patch cords, SC patch cables, ST patch cables, LC patch cables, MTRJ patch cables, ADSS fiber optic cable, MPO patch cables, MU, SMA patch cables, FDDI, E2000 patch cables, DIN and D4 types. Some of the most common jumpers include FC-FC, FC-SC, FC-LC, FC-ST, SC-SC and SC-ST.

For transmission media, two typical types are single-mode and multi-mode patch cords. Single-mode fiber patch cords (usually yellow) have one core and one transmission mode, resulting in more focused light at the center of the core. Therefore, they are more suitable for transmitting data over long distances and are used on college campuses and cable television.

As for multimode fiber patch cables, which are usually orange, they have larger core diameters and multiple transmission modes, so they can collect more light and signal over a shorter distance than single mode patch cables. They are commonly used in LED light sources and alarm systems.

2. How to test fiber patch cords?

A simple light source/power meter would be the best test equipment. But you have to use two other jumper wires (standard jumper wires) to test. Put a known good jumper wire on the light source and plug it into the meter. Click the "Reference" button to zero the meter.

Unplug the fiber patch cord from the power meter. Then take another good jumper wire and plug it into the power meter. Then use a couple of spare adapters to put the jumper to be tested in the middle. This tests not only the fiber itself, but also the quality of the connector end faces as they are connected to other connectors. Before doing this, make sure all connectors are as clean as possible.

Fiber patch cords play a very important role in telecommunications, it can make transmission faster and more accurate.

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